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  • jamfiddler

    fiddler, DJ on Celtic/World program, The Fiddle & The Harp

  • iampeterfonda

    I'm a music teacher and performer on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, USA. Most of my time is devoted to ITM: fiddle, mandolin, banjo, flute & whistle. I also play clarinet in Polka Dan's Beet Box Band and released a Klezmer CD with Jacqueline Schwab http://w...

  • Ashley Stevens

    From Cape Cod, MA. Play violin, fiddle as well as Jazz violin!

    joined one year ago
  • Jim Rohrer

    I live on Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the U.S. These days I mostly play Irish tunes on the tenor banjo and mandolin. I also play bluegrass mandolin and host a bluegrass radio program. In 1992 I founded Small Dog Products, a musical instrument case cover ...

    joined 4 years ago
  • Joe O'Leididh joined one year ago
  • Paul Greenspan
  • Andrea Pluhar

    I have a fiddle and I'm taking lessons and working on it a lot. Saying I play it would be a bit of a stretch. I keep finding interesting tunes on this site so I thought I'd sign up. I'm a visual artist, a painter and I do web and print design for a living...

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  • Seamus Hanrahan joined 3 years ago
  • KathyH

    Fiddler, study Irish tunes

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  • Maureen

    I play piano accordion, piano.

    joined 7 years ago