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  • daiv

    my name is david, and i live about an hour west of chicago. i come from an irish family, and grew up playing with my grandma, her cousin una, and my uncle. my uncle's band the kells: .

  • Gretchen Costanza

    I live in St. Charles, IL. I play the harp, would love to find local sessions to play at. Any local musicians interested in getting together?

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  • Thomas Ritchie

    Chicago, IL

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  • Stev0

    My name is Stephen. I am 36 and from Elgin, Il (near Chicago). I have been making music my whole life. I have (some but not extensive) formal training on piano, violin, boehm flute, and viola. I am self-taught on guitar and bass guitar. I have also experi...

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  • Tony O'Connell joined 6 years ago
  • Luke Gerhard

    Hi, I'm Luke and I'm from Aurora IL. For what it's worth I used to play the saxophone, both alto and tenor, but to my knowledge those aren't usually associated with Irish music. Now I mostly play on my D tin whistle because it's a lot easier to carry aro...

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  • Delsman

    I play the whistle

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  • bill austin joined 5 years ago
  • Martha B

    Warrenville, IL. Bodhran, spoons.

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  • Tom Ellett

    Crystal Lake, IL

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