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  • Bryon

    I live in Chicago. I took a trip to Ireland in 2001, and brought back a cheap penny whistle. I didn't pick it up until a few years ago, now I'm pretty addicted, though I still suck at it. I'm a big fan of Larry Nugent's playing, and he plays in a weekly T...

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  • Chris Devlin joined 4 years ago
  • docmgil

    Longtime lurker.

  • Faye Ryan joined 6 years ago
  • Marysue Redmann

    I'm from the Chicago area in the US. I've played professionally for many years on both traditional concert grands and Irish harps. Right now I have a beautiful Larry Egar 34 string.

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  • Skip Landt

    I teach harmonica at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago. Many years ago I played banjo with an old-timey band that occasionally got gigs on the Chicago Barndance Company schedule.

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  • Harper

    New Englander, now in Illinois. Playing Camac lever harp.

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  • Tuuli gress

    Chicago! Tin whistle.

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  • Gary Leonard

    Mandolin. I am hoping my ability catches up with my desire to play celtic tunes.

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  • Pat S

    Living in Chicago. Play piano and accordion, also tin whistle, bass, guitar, miscellaneous. Experience in international folk dance, folk songs, klezmer, contra dance, ballet, classical, Broadway shows, ballroom and more. Often inclined to be "Tune Dete...

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