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  • Catherine Kennedy

    I live in Iowa, play piano/organ, woodwinds, but my main instrument these days is my 5-string acoustic/electric violin. I teach private music lessons, do recording session work and perform with a couple different (professional) groups. I love playing all...

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  • Paul Danielson

    I've been playing piano for about 17 years and I have a degree in music composition, but I have practically zero experience playing Celtic music. I was recently given a mandolin, though, and studying that has brought me to Celtic music and to this site.

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  • DebB

    Trying my hand at fiddle. Play mostly winds, violin & viola.

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  • FiddleMama

    Mama, musician, and teacher

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  • IC Keith

    I'm from Iowa City, Iowa, USA. My current musical projects are Folk Songs You Never Sang In Grade School ( and the Irish bands Coppers & Brass ( and The Big River Reeltime Band (formerly ...

  • Cim0rene

    Very amateur musician in Iowa City area. My kids are currently dancing with CAID and I've loved to learn more. I've played a number of instruments in the past, but I'm currently working on the Tin Whistle.

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  • mephistophelia

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  • Stephany Riley Hoffelt

    I play tin whistle. My family is very involved in Irish music and dance. My daughter studied Irish dance with and was a student teacher for our TCRG teacher here until her last year of college. My other son studies music with a local Irish fiddle instru...

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