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  • suzytee

    I'm a Suzuki teacher of 30 years turned Scottish fiddler. I've been fiddling for 10 years. My students are "crazy" about fiddling and we have begun our own fiddle club with a performing group called the Bonnie Loch Fiddlers. I also play in an Irish band....

  • Oak Harrison

    I'm a NY senior citizen. I started playing the violin about 3 years ago and am making slow but steady progress. I have a teacher and we meet every other week. I completed Suzuki Books 1, 2 and 3 and am now working on some easy things for the holidays - ...

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  • Allan Montgomery

    I have to confess that I play the piano...poorly but am looking for information about the lyrics for a Ward Allen tune called Maple Sugar and here is the reason. I'm writing from Edinboro, Pennsylvania...northwestern part of the state, just 20 miles from...

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  • Lynn Hyde Cartee

    Have lived in northwest Pennsylvania, USA for about 7 years, via south Alabama. I have being playing the fiddle for about 6 years and hopefully slowly improving.

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  • mhurley75

    Fiddle player from Northwest Pennsylvania. I generally play for ceilis, contras, feiseanna, and sessions.

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  • Tom B. O'Leary


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