Members near Holliston, Massachusetts

  • Sliabh

    Originally from New York and for several years a guitar and Boehm/silver flute player with an experimental and early music bent. In 2013, while living in Huntsville, Alabama, I started playing ITM on simple-system flutes and whistles, and added concertina…

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  • David M

    I am from Holliston, MA.

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  • Buddy50 joined 6 years ago
  • Susan Rutberg

    I live outside Boston (Holliston) and play the flute (Baroque, Renaissance, silver, piccolo).

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  • Jaime Killoran

    From the Boston, MA area. Play guitar, harmonica, tin whistle, tenor banjo.

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  • Susan Holcomb

    Hi I live in Millis, MA

    joined 8 years ago
  • Diane Tiger

    I’m an advanced level Boehm flute and piccolo player and am very active in my local

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  • brendan

    tin whistlah

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  • Torinsall

    We live near Boston, Massachusetts.

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  • kate01581

    name: Katie O’Neill