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    Maurya Murphey

  • Mando Pluckerman
  • Allen Johnson joined 3 years ago
  • Walter Sydoriak

    I've played the mandolin, harmonica, octave mandolin, some fiddle, some guitar, and vocals for forty years in many small bands, though not full time. I have worked in National Parks so I have traveled from place to place every few years or so. One bluegra...

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  • currach
  • parkerss

    I play keyboard accordion, whistle, and dabble with a smattering of other instruments. I play mostly Irish, with a little Scottish and French Canadian thrown in on occasion.

  • Fred Epping

    I currently live in Medford, Oregon and play electric and acoustic guitars, pedal steel guitar and 5-string banjo. I also sing lead and harmony.

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  • marcalan

    Oregon, USA

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  • Mark-o

    I'm an old guy from Oregon, played professionally for many years... records, tours, no fame, lack of fortune...the usual drill.

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  • Lindell Stacy-Horton

    I have enjoyed playing session tunes for some time. Also play viola, my main instrument. Previously performed with Maggie Brown, Grays Harbor, WA Celtic Fusion Duo. Now living in Southern Oregon.

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