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  • JoshP

    Intro Jan '21 - Hi. My name is Josh. I'm in my mid-30s and I don't currently play any instruments. I own a number of them but haven't played anything seriously since high school. In school, I played the violin and then the saxophone. I'm entirely incapabl...

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  • fiddlephil
  • Steve Shapiro

    I play Tenor Banjo, mandolin. I play Irish, quebecois, old-time music. I played in contra dance bands for 30+ years. Enjoy playing in sessions and learning new tunes.

  • S

    I play keyboard accordion, whistle, and dabble with a smattering of other instruments. I play mostly Irish, with a little Scottish and French Canadian thrown in on occasion.

  • currach
  • FrankH

    Sailor, grandfather, nurse.

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  • Jon Pope

    I found my first Gaelic tunes in the back of my songbook for the clarinet that I took up as a kid. I kept coming back to them because they had this rolling familiarity that encouraged repetition and that bright Gaelic danceability. A friend loaned me a ...

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  • Walt S.

    I've played the mandolin, tenor banjo, harmonica, octave mandolin, some fiddle, some guitar, and vocals for forty-five years in many small bands, though not full time. I have worked in National Parks so I have traveled from place to place every few years ...

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    Maurya Murphey