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  • Michael Reid

    I am from Windsor, ON. My family is Irish. I play the fiddle

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  • frank edgley

    Piper, whistle player, and concertina player and maker of Edgley Concertinas.

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  • JB White

    I am from Detroit, MI USA. I am starting to play the tin whistle.

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  • Daniel Patton

    I live in Detroit, MI USA and I play the guitar, mandolin and I am learning the tin whistle. I have always loved Irish music and I am trying to push myself to play more tunes rather than just chords. Excited to explore the cite.

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  • Becky dudash

    I just bought a frank Edgley concertina in July. I live in Detroit just a few miles from Frank’s workshop.It was the best decision I made to buy his wonderful sounding concertina. I’m a beginner concertina player and learning from Mick Bramich and...

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  • Tyler McMillin joined 4 years ago
  • marcpipes

    Mostly Scottish pipes since 1988. I make Smallpipes and Border Pipes. I play tin whistle and a bit of uilleann pipes, but get griped at because it sounds too Scottish.

  • Rex Geiger

    I've been playing for 30 years of so, primarily flat-pick and finger-style guitar in standard and alternate (DADGAG, Orkney, Open-D ...) tuning's. I've also played rhythm and lead (occasionally bass) in few bands and pit orchestras over the years. I pla...

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  • Laurie Lennon Hynea


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