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  • ConnorH

    Flutist, occasionally whistle, non-professional

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  • awolff

    Originally from California

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  • Cecilia Vacanti

    My name is Cecilia and I'm from central New York, near Syracuse. I'm in High School and I play Violin. I'm classically trained, but I love fiddling and I'm trying to learn as much about the fiddling world as possible, in every genre. Some people I like...

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  • jimdaly

    bagpipe, guitar, and celtic banjo, Firefighter, from Boston, Ma. area (U.S.A.)

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  • Tom Parent


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  • matan_fiddler

    Started playing in '07 when I was living in Chicago, and then for a bit in Boston and Jerusalem. When I came back stateside and started law school, everything went by the wayside—but fiddle is more fun than studying for the bar, so 3 years later I'm ba...