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  • Ian Goldstein

    Ethnomusicologist, musician and teacher (mandolin, guitar, oud, lap slide) based in Cambridge, MA.

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  • tfgreene
  • Mitchellinski
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  • Jocelyn Milton

    I'm a fiddle player from Belmont, MA. My grandmother was born in Beaufort, County Kerry, and taught me The Irish Washerwoman when I was a kid. Fast forward to age 45 - I've been playing classical violin for 5 years and just found Irish fiddling. So I'm...

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  • Johnny Ó Dochartaigh

    Hiyas! I grew up near and live in the fine town of Boston, Massachusetts. I play some banjo, mostly five-string, but am working on the tenor lately, and have a tin whistle around here somewhere. I'm afraid to try to learn to play it, though, on account...

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  • Joe Bennett

    Ukulele and guitar. Music teacher. British, now based in Boston USA.

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  • CarolineFiddles

    Fiddle player!

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