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  • Daniel Parker

    I'm a college student from New York studying in the Boston area. I’m just beginning to dabble in playing this music on the fiddle and (to a far lesser extent) whistle. I look forward to really getting started as I get more time. For now, I love listenin...

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  • castlecove22
  • DaveS

    Boston area, i play mandolin and just beginning tenor banjo - not a great celtic player but working on it

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  • Starstruck Harper

    I'm from a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. I play recorders large and small, tinwhistles, harp, autoharp, guitar, octave mandolin and I sing. Not equally good on all instruments, though.

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  • Mitchellinski
  • Jocelyn Milton

    I'm a fiddle player from Belmont, MA. My grandmother was born in Beaufort, County Kerry, and taught me The Irish Washerwoman when I was a kid. Fast forward to age 45 - I've been playing classical violin for 5 years and just found Irish fiddling. So I'm...

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  • Guyot1979

    Tenor banjo, mandolin, tenor guitar, whistle.

  • Ian Goldstein

    Ethnomusicologist, musician and teacher (mandolin, guitar, oud, lap slide) based in Cambridge, MA.

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