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  • Alison Dagger

    Hello everyone. I'm a classically trained flute player from Vermont now learning the Irish folk tunes seriously for a total of a year, give or take all the times I've picked it up and put it back down. Just recently I decided to get more serious about m...

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  • Max Newman

    I live in the Boston area.

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  • Erik Devaney

    Boston guy living out west in the South Bay who sings and plays Irish bouzouki, mandolin, guitar, bodhran, and harmonica. Lived in Montreal for six years and headed a Celtic/folk band called Devaney's Goat. (If there are any fiddlers out there looking for...

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  • miria

    I play flute / whistle.

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  • tankboxmachine
  • Alex Rubin

    Boston, guitar

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  • sweeneybobusa

    A quiet Bostonian making his way amongst the intellectuals and the hipsters. My instrument is mostly confined to singing with friends over beers. I've got a bit of fiddle instruction but haven't progressed beyond the "cats in heat" phase.

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