Members near Waterloo, Iowa

  • Sandra Romig

    I am from Waterloo, Iowa. I play guitar and played violin in High School. I listen to Celtic music and would love to pick up the violin, this time learning to fiddle. I’m excited to explore this website and thank you for making I tg available.

    joined 3 years ago
  • Seth Chronister joined 4 years ago
  • Catherine Kennedy

    I live in Iowa, play piano/organ, woodwinds, but my main instrument these days is my 5-string acoustic/electric violin. I teach private music lessons, do recording session work and perform with a couple different (professional) groups.

    joined 9 years ago
  • Rhaco joined 3 years ago
  • Paul Danielson

    I’ve been playing piano for about 17 years and I have a degree in music composition, but I have practically zero experience playing Celtic music. I was recently given a mandolin, though, and studying that has brought me to Celtic music and to this site.

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  • M-A joined 2 years ago
  • DebB

    Trying my hand at fiddle. Play mostly winds, violin & viola.

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  • s2maur

    I have played all kinds of music during my 59 years. I played trumpet in swing band in high school and jazz trumpet in college. Then when I turned 35 I quit my career and started playing and singing folk music with a couple friends.

  • Patrick Thomas Murphy

    I am from Chicago. I play guitar.

    joined 2 years ago
  • Jeffrey Agrell

    I just retired (age 74). Was a symphony musician for 25 years, then a university teacher for 21 more - French horn. But I have played guitar since I was 15 (plus a smattering of other folk instruments) - folk, classical, bluegrass, jazz.

    joined 11 months ago