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  • Ezra

    I play a 1923 Wheatstone English Concertina and I am learning the Irish banjo.

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  • jjw

    Hi, I'm Jeff, in Ithaca, NY, USA. I am learning the fiddle and am a regular at Irish sessions and contra/"fiddle tune" jams in Ithaca. I've been learning mostly Irish tunes & style, but also some Contra dance tunes and a little Québécois because that's ...

  • David DeMello

    Hi. I'm a geezer in training who recently picked up the fiddle (right before covid hit) after a 50 year lapse because we have children in Suzuki and we want to play together as a family. Interested in all kinds of music with fiddle traditions among them. ...

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  • Bethany McLyr

    I primarily play the whistle but also play the octave mandolin, mandolin, recorders, open-hole flutes, guitar, ukulele, zumbus, and a smattering of other odd instruments.

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  • Alicia Wang

    Hello, I am a university student studying computer science in Ithaca, New York. I am learning to play the tin whistle!

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