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  • the mad greek

    Flute and whistle player from Western MA. Also slash away at the tenor banjo from time to time. I’ve been around the music in contra dances for about 37 years, playing for about 18. Love the session scene, people, music, stories.

  • j.hohl.kennedy

    Múinteoir atá ionam as Iarthar Massachusetts agus thosaigh mé ag seinm na píobaí i rith an tsamhraidh 2001. Tá dhá sets agam as Koehler & Quinn, i C agus i D.

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  • fearfeasog

    Check out the website for the slow session I started: Still going strong as of 10/2019. Lots of great tunes free to play and download, slow and fast versions of all–a great learner’s resource! Plus calendar of…

  • nishii
  • Lazy River

    Just joined. I live in Western Massachusetts and play mandolin, tenor banjo, 5-string banjo and plectrum banjo. I took up music in earnest 12 years ago as a retirement project. I now think of it as an occupation - amateur for sure, but still an occupation…

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