Members near Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin

  • Scott Cincotta

    I have been a percussionists for over 50 years. I have played professionally for 35 of those years. I am now playing bodhran. I am looking for other musicians that are interested in doing sessions in the Racine and Kenosha area of Wisconsin.

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  • alimbagirl

    My name is Alison and I play the fiddle. I live in Racine, WI and have a band called Celtic Gypsies, we play traditional Irish and Celtic folk music. We no longer host a session at Ivanhoe but are looking to start another one soon.

    joined 5 years ago
  • BillFrank

    Racine, WI

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  • Hammer_Dulcimer_Don

    We're in the Milwaukee area. My wife (fiddle) and I like to hang out at the Thursday session at Paddy's Pub (Milwaukee) when our schedules allow.

  • Kerry Spitzer

    I live in Pleasant Prairie, a tad south of Kenosha, WI. My main instruments are guitars and keyboards but also play decent mandolin, banjo (4, 5, and 6 string), dobro, and most recently Irish bouzouki. I've been taking the zouk to the Irish jams I go to b...

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  • donald walter

    concertina (Hayden) ,fiddle, Low-D whislle, tin whistle, mandolin

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  • Jeff Stenehjem joined 3 years ago
  • Barbara Lauby
  • Kyle Gacek

    I'm live near Milwaukee in Wisconsin and I have a Hohner Double Ray in B/C.

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  • Stephen Blanchard

    I am from Milwaukee, WI. I have played the flute for 20 years now. I just recently got myself my first keyless Irish Flute. I also have played the piano for 15 years and alto and tenor sax. I am looking to play more and learn more Irish Traditional and ot...

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