Members near Erieville, New York

  • Margo U.

    I’m a wife, mom, student, and professional writer in central NY. I started playing guitar fifteen years ago, and recently added fiddle and a little bit of mandolin to my repertoire.

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  • houseofchai
  • JamesonDunham joined one year ago
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  • Monique

    New York

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  • nannor

    I live in upstate New York , Lafayette, NY. I play Guitar and keyboards. My wife plays fiddle. We play regularly with the Syracuse Irish Session.

  • Chris Pino

    I currently live in upstate NY (Syracuse) Beginner Bouzouki and Mandolin Player. Looking to really learn and participate in some sessions for the first time!

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  • Ronald Schlie

    I play Scottish Smallpipes, Central New York

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  • Yusuf

    button accordion, octave mandolin

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  • Deette Bunn

    Harpist from Central New York.

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