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  • Stephan R.A. Deibel

    Fiddler from Cambridge NY with about 20 years of playing experience. I run the Cambridge NY Pan-Celtic Session and attend other sessions in the area. I also created and maintain the following website of tunes I've played with people at the Hubbard Hall ...

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  • Annie Ross

    I live on a farm in upstate New York. I grew up surrounded by Classical Music, but through our son Kristoffer, have come to learn and love a variety of trad music - Celtic, Canadian, Folk, and more. I play piano, some fiddle, classical guitar, some folk g...

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  • chris roe

    I live in Grafton, NY, a rural mountain hamlet near of Troy, NY. For 10 years now, I have been the Tour Keeper for Fiddlers Tour, the Albany area's longest continuously operating traditional music jam Session. We play on Tuesday nights year-round, at a ...

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  • jhkunstler

    I am the author of many books including "The Long Emergency," "The Geography of Nowhere," and the "World Made By Hand" series of novels. I live in Greenwich, NY, 200 miles north of NYC. I play fiddle in the Hubbard Hall TuneJam Band, in neighboring Cambri...

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  • vonnieestes

    I play piano in a few traditional dance bands; and I've had the privilege of sessioning as well as performing with some great and renowned musicians both in the USA and Canada. There are some really wonderful festivals and camps within a five hour drive f...

  • JustusTrue

    - Upstate NY resident (From the farmland areas, not too far north of the Catskills)

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  • Paula Shulman

    Paula Shulman

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  • Dan Crowther

    In addition to being a blacksmith and Iron Age Celtic reenactor, I've also played Classical guitar for 30 years and Celtic fingerstyle for 15 or so. Now, I'm teaching myself Irish flute.

  • Mandy Kent

    Traditional folk was the my first musical language under the influence of talented fiddler Joe Robertson in the ol' hometown of Cambridge NY, tho I later got classical training and still play professionally. My major instrument is (transverse) flute but I...

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