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  • Patrick Harris

    Hi, I’m Patrick I live in milwaukee and play guitar. Looking to learn some celtic tunes for a local jam circle

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  • Heidi Bird

    I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. I’m a musician (not professionally, but raised playing the piano, bassoon, flute and a little drum) and have 6 children who play Irish music and dance. I love this website as a great resource for tunes and other go…

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  • Bobbie Groth

    I split my time between Milwaukee, WI and W. Tremont Maine. I play the fiddle in a celtic trad band that donates all its profits after expenses to worthy community causes. I’ve been a voyeur of my husband’s Sessions membership for awhile and finally…

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  • Chris W

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Eternal student of the Irish traditional flute. Trying to the pipes on for size. Any and all advice given should be taken with a grain, and occasionally a barrel, of salt.

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  • Linda Raymond Siegel

    I play Boudhran. Play sessions in Milwaukee. Irish Fest. Also for the past three years have been playing seeing with Irish men/women in Ireland. Our second home 🙂. Coming from Salem, MA., I’m in the Boston area several times a year, and really would li…

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  • Mike Collins

    I play guitar and sing Irish tunes. I have interest in learning guitar accompaniment to traditional Celtic songs.

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  • Timothy Schmitz


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  • Lucy Cooper

    USA Milwaukee Wisconsin

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