Members near Lacarry-Arhan-Charritte-de-Haut, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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  • Michel KUTTLER

    Hi ! I live in Northern Navarra in Spain and I play the flute.

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  • Alex

    Elizondo. Spain.

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  • Guilhem


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  • xabi7
  • Christophe L.

    Beginner Tenor Banjo near PAU (FR)

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  • kike Curiel

    I live in the Pyrenees of Aragon (Spain) play low and wistles and flutes and Aragon and Galician bagpipe, flute also. I have a small group of Irish music. I'm in love with Ireland and Gaelic music throughout.

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  • peletano

    Hola, soy de un pueblo del Pirineo Aragonés y mes gustan low y tin whistles

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  • Titoo

    Hi banjo folks.

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