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  • jrathbun

    I am a hammered dulcimer player who gets stuck playing backup guitar at most jam sessions (boo hoo). I'm learning how to sight read using this web site. I'm in West Michigan, near the center of hammered dulcimer music in America, although many might dis...

  • Paul Schroeder

    I play the Pennywhistle and Irish flute. I have been working on these instruments for almost a year now, but previous to this, I had been a regular concert flute player (as well as public school band director). This is my first year of retirement, and I l...

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  • violhabit
  • Jeff Rosenzweig

    I'm in Marshall, MI. I've been doing Celtic music for about 5 years now. I just added octave mandolin 8 mos. ago and sort of have a few fiddle tunes down, but it's a stretch for the fingers. I played bass, guitar & keys in the LA rock/alt scene for a l...

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  • dennisrybicki
  • Piodengr

    I’m Natalie, from Grand Rapids, MI.

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  • James Tanis

    I am from Michigan, the Great Lakes State in the United States of America. I have appreciated Irish music since I was a child. There are several Irish festivals in the fall, all of which are packed! My major instrument is piano, which has made it easier...

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  • Claddinkilt

    My instruments are (in order of proficiency): Irish tenor banjo, octave mandolin, lead and backing vocals, Irish bouzouki, mandolin, and guitar. I consider myself a 'passable' musician, but I do have much to learn, as I've only been playing most of these...

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