Members near Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

  • cameronwlucas
  • Mark O'Brady

    I am a fan of traditional Irish folk music, but more of the vocal ballads than the jigs, reels, etc. I am also a fledgling Irish musician, singing and playing guitar, mandolin and the occasional bouzouki. Grew up listening to the Clancys and Tommy Makem,...

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  • Shannonmae joined 2 years ago
  • Finian

    play a bit of guitar, bouzouki, banjo, flute and penny whistle / low whistle mostly for my own enjoyment.

  • Leslie juckem

    Violin player, viola, piano, accordion. I am from Waukesha, WI. I am 67.

    joined 6 years ago
  • RyanDunsSJ

    I've played the tin whistle for twenty years and I've played the accordion for various feiseanna for the past ten. I have a website:

  • Merouda

    I am not much of a musician, but I am slowly and painfully trying to teach myself melodys that can be plucked, hammered, or bowed on my psaltery.

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  • John Charles Bauschatz joined 5 years ago
  • Maria Froman

    I am a beginning whistle player from Michigan who goes to school in Milwaukee. I am excited to learn more about Irish music and hope to be able to play with a group someday.

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  • monty414wi

    I'm a lifelong learner from WI, USA- who plays piano, guitar and bass.

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