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  • Inukshuk

    Octogenarian, lifetime eclectic musician. Guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo etc. Played professionally for 25 years; just for fun these days. From Southern Ontario, Canada.

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  • Jeremiah McCaw Budnark

    Vocalist / Bass Guitarist. Located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. 72 now, took up bass about 25 years ago.

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  • Janet Snaith


    joined 5 months ago
  • Brian Walters

    I'm 69 years old grew up in Ontario and played the violin a long time ago when I was 17. I was concertmaster of our high school orchestra and after High School I went to University of Waterloo and got my engineering degree. While I used to love playing th...

    joined 9 months ago
  • Brad McEwen

    I live in Cambridge, Ontario Canada most of the time and in Stroud, Gloucestershire when I can.My instrument of choice is the Cittern and i prefer English traditional music, but I have become increasingly interested in traditional music from Canada, parti...

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  • Barry Giffen joined one year ago
  • Phil Cowles

    I play tin whistle and flute, a retired Engineer (antennas for spacecraft, DC power systems, automation).

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  • Barbara Cunningham

    I live in London,Ontario. I play guitar and I am learning to play violin.

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  • Russ Rader

    Hello, I'm Russ

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  • Rootin tootin flutin

    I live in Simcoe , Ontario. Recently retired from nursing. I played piano as a child, and flute in high school, and promised myself that I would learn to play the flute again. Started lessons 3 years ago and am enjoying very much.

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