Members near Morlaas, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

  • Christophe L.

    Beginner Tenor Banjo near PAU (FR)

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  • Guilhem


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  • Yves Jean-Pierre ROBERT

    I am leaving near PAU in the South-West of FRANCE. I am from breton origin and I play Breton, Scottish and Irish music for the last 40 years. My main instruments are the fiddle and the highland scottish bagpipes. I have been involved in different bands (a...

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  • dominique Baudour joined one year ago
  • Dylan Claydon

    Trumpet, recorder and dreadful guitar

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  • petitpoussin

    Female fiddle player, lived in Scotland for many years, now living in the SW of France. Attend a local session every few weeks. Play fiddle and more recently experimenting on octave fiddle.

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  • Trefor Jones

    Just arrived from the Welsh borders to live near Trie-sur- Baïse, Hautes-Pyrénées. Played tenor banjo and Greek bouzouki since early 80s. Searching for Irish Music players somewhere nearby even if some travelling is involved. Enjoy the craic as much as...

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  • kike Curiel

    I live in the Pyrenees of Aragon (Spain) play low and wistles and flutes and Aragon and Galician bagpipe, flute also. I have a small group of Irish music. I'm in love with Ireland and Gaelic music throughout.

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