Members near Waterloo, Ontario

  • Brian Lawson

    From New Hamburg, Ontario. Irish banjo is my instrument. Building my playing towards an intermediate level and looking to expand my tune book.

    joined 5 years ago
  • sound_post

    I'm a fiddler from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. My playing is rooted in the Appalachian old-time style, with some bluegrass, Canadian Maritime, and classical influences. I play in a folk duo called Quiet in the Land:

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  • Jack Ness

    Originally from Dundee, Scotland but now in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I have played the piano accordion since I was 5 years old and did spend some years in a few of the Scottish Dance Bands in Scotland and England.

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  • kayakate

    I am essentially a lifelong student of music. I played recorder, piano and clarinet as a child, and sang right through university. Now, I am learning the Irish Tin Whistle, with an eye to a practice chanter in a year or two.

    joined 6 years ago
  • Doc Hatter

    I'm a Canadian living in southern Ontario after a decade in northern Indiana. My first exposure to Irish music was listening to my dad's Clancy Brothers (with Tommy Makem) LPs as a kid. I play guitar (well), flutes and whistles (sometimes well), and bod...

  • Karen Tomlin

    I live in Conestogo. I am a drummer and have recently started playing the Bodhran. Looking for opportunities/sessions to play.

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  • James Stockton joined 2 years ago
  • Duffy

    I am a guitar player from Guelph Ontario Canada who has recently started to play traditional music. I am mostly self taught and have been playing for close to thirty years now but mostly rock and blues .... I have recently been flatpicking traditional ...

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  • The Fiddling Moull

    Canadian/Celtic fiddler from Kitchener Ontario. I have been playing for almost 20 years and am always looking for a session in southern Ontario...or anywhere if I'm travelling!

  • cac

    I play the flute, which I began (baroque flute and silver flute) in the late 1960s (played recorders before that). Trad for the last several years on wooden flutes (Richard Cox, Patrick Olwell, Wm Hall & Son, anon. German) plus a delrin one by Rob Forbes...