Members near Saint Clements, Ontario

  • cac

    I play the flute, which I began (baroque flute and silver flute) in the late 1960s (played recorders before that). Trad for the last many years on wooden flutes (Patrick Olwell) plus delrin ones by Rob Forbes and Garry Somers.

  • Brian Lawson

    From New Hamburg, Ontario. Irish banjo is my instrument. Building my playing towards an intermediate level and looking to expand my tune book.

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  • Karen Tomlin

    I live in Conestogo. I am a drummer and have recently started playing the Bodhran. Looking for opportunities/sessions to play.

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  • sound_post

    I'm a fiddler from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. My playing is rooted in the Appalachian old-time style, with some bluegrass, Canadian Maritime, and classical influences. I play in a folk duo called Quiet in the Land:

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  • Jack Ness

    Originally from Dundee, Scotland but now in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I have played the piano accordion since I was 5 years old and did spend some years in a few of the Scottish Dance Bands in Scotland and England.

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  • kayakate

    I am essentially a lifelong student of music. I played recorder, piano and clarinet as a child, and sang right through university. Now, I am learning the Irish Tin Whistle, with an eye to a practice chanter in a year or two.

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  • Doc Hatter

    I'm a Canadian living in southern Ontario after a decade in northern Indiana. My first exposure to Irish music was listening to my dad's Clancy Brothers (with Tommy Makem) LPs as a kid. I play guitar (well), flutes and whistles (sometimes well), and bod...

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  • Duffy

    I am a guitar player from Guelph Ontario Canada who has recently started to play traditional music. I am mostly self taught and have been playing for close to thirty years now but mostly rock and blues .... I have recently been flatpicking traditional ...

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