Members near Toulouse, Occitanie

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  • Renaud Binet

    I live nearby Toulouse, France, where I play fiddle. I am also playing french trad. music (center of France, and a bit of Britanny). I started playing irish fiddle in 1995 in Paris.

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  • unapett

    fiddle player. from US; living in Toulouse, France

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  • mathieux51
  • Benoît Carne

    French Tin Whistle and Flute player leaving in the area of Toulouse. In Irish music since 2010. Here is my website:

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  • Bastien

    I'm a beginner whistle and flute player from Switzerland.

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  • Gyoo

    Born in Brittany, now living in Toulouse (France).

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  • comte de foix


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  • Alison Wylie

    I live in the French Pyrenees. I'm a harp maker by trade, and a whistle (and harp) player by passion. I play in sessions when I can - here fairly regularly and Ireland, Scotland a bit less so. I'm on the tolerant end of the purist versus innovator debate....

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