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  • Rebecca Kennedy

    From Omaha, Nebraska. Play the fiddle when I can stir my stumps. For my sins, married to an uilleann piper for the last 43 years. He also does fiddle, flute, tin whistle, French horn, chording on guitar. And sings, feeds the cat if I get on his case. He ...

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  • Scoti

    I play flute and whistle, and live in Portland, Maine.

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  • Donna Burt


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  • Kathleen Hickey

    I am from parents are from Edenderry and Dublin and I grew up listening to and playing Irish music! I play the piano but now mostly the penny whistle.

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  • Benj Williams

    Benj Williams: I started in the fiddle in college. I decided I wanted to play more than anything else. I wasn't particularly skilled as it was my first instrument. Many suffered. I prevailed. I have been playing for more than thirty years now. I sti...

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  • Jody Johnstone

    From Belfast, Maine, whistle player

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  • Abigailking


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