Members near Midland, Michigan

  • Kenneth Lukowski

    Piano Accordion

    joined one year ago
  • Sol Foster

    Whistle player, aspiring C#/D accordion and flute player, and aspiring tunesmith. Particularly interested in the music of South Sligo and Newfoundland. Inspired by the music of Peter Horan, Fred Finn, Rufus Guinchard, Emile Benoit, and Liz Carroll.

  • bruce macartney

    Hello, I am an intermediate fiddler, beginning concertina player, and ok guitar chorder. Live in Midland Michigan, just retired, and working on my celtic repitoire.

  • Alvie2k joined 7 years ago
  • john stewart

    Great Lakes Bay region of Michigan.

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  • Randy Bunting

    Professional since 1976. Right out of high school I joined the Marine Corps. Played woodwinds in the Camp Lejeune band. Started playing bars in 1980. Learned mandolin and began playing Irish and old-timey 10 years ago. Brought my Muramatsu to Irish a...

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    Living in Midland,Mi., Playing piano accordion, Currently member of Folk Music Society of Midland.

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  • Susan Shebester joined 4 years ago
  • Robert Bass

    Rob Bass is from Sumner, in the middle of Michigan. I play 12 string guitar, gebanjo, elec. bass, tuba, baritone. I play celtic, irish, scottish, and any thing that sings harmony with in the music. wedding songs love songs ect. I am looking for a flute ...

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