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  • fiddlefingers

    I play fiddle and tinwhistle, mostly fiddle these days. Fun!

  • Kevin van Mierlo

    Hi there,

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  • Curt Graham

    I am a guitar player. I host the Celtic Songs And Tunes session every Sunday at 3 pm at Marino's Restaurant & Bar, 1066 Adelaide Street North in London, Ontario

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  • Marco

    hey I am Italian but now live in Toronto Canada; I play a set of uilleann pipes in B and the whistles.

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  • Michael Donoghue joined 5 years ago
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  • Nathan Connolly

    Originally from a small village called Cloneygowan/Cloneyhurke, living in Toronto Canada play a lot of win instruments but do play Fiddle and Piano, irish player but was also trained classically

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  • Nellie Crichton

    First of all, I'm 80 years old, I play Fiddle (now) after playing Classical guitar for 10 years

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  • Donna Garner

    Hi there,

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  • Leth

    Photographer from Toronto. I used to play pub sessions several years ago but fell out of the swing of things. Looking to rekindle my interest in traditional music on flutes, whistles, mandolin and the like.