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  • fiddlejamie

    A fiddler living in Toronto, Canada. Generally plays Cape Breton style.

    joined 7 years ago
  • Justin Leckie joined 6 years ago
  • Michael Spicer

    I'm in Hamilton Ontario Canada .

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  • Patrick King

    From Dundalk Ireland living in Canada since 1974. Piano accordion player. Website

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  • Dave McGill

    Sudbury, Ontario. Just started learning the mandolin about a year ago. No music exposure previously. 68 YEARS young ..

    joined 5 years ago
  • Robin De Danann

    From Hamilton, ON. Play bodhran, tin whistle, flute, harp, guitar, piano, and I sing. Finally found a session group to play with: Hamilton Irish Arts. Been waiting 40 years for this.

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  • AndrewMTO joined 5 years ago
  • Jesse Collins

    I live in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada but was raised in a small town called Cannington, a couple of hours North. When I was thirteen, I was given a tenor banjo, that my Uncle taught me to string similarly to a ukelele, but with the bottom string up an oc...

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  • musigurl joined 5 years ago
  • RachelSheinin

    I play violin, and have been playing since I was four. I play klezmer and jazz, and now am exploring celtic and irish.

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