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  • Nona Beining


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  • EireannVB


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  • mockchoi

    U.S., Wisconsin, 5-string and tenor banjo, fiddle, guitar, and GHB

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  • Keith Zorn

    I’m Keith, an aircraft inspector from Wisconsin USA, Air Force Vet. Married 3 Daughters 5 grandchildren and another on the way. I play mainly guitar (electric and acoustic)in a classic rock band also 5 string bluegrass banjo and have been working on Ir...

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  • Galen R. Hunt

    from Wisconsin, I have been playing Bluegrass banjo for 40 years. i play 5 string Regular banjo, 5 string Baritone banjo, 5 string Clawhammer banjo, Tenor banjo, Dojo, guitar, and mandolin.

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  • primrose1685

    Professional orchestra and chamber violist, Suzuki teacher on violin and viola. Had a huge life revelation a few years ago after studying with Julie Lyonn Lieberman. While I'm still working at all this other business, I plan on spending a lot of time si...

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  • Laurel Marchinowski

    I am a slightly retired band/orchestra/ teacher/ church organist and have been learning about the hammered dulcimer and how to play it for a few years. I am from Wisconsin, where you can count the hammered dulcimer players within 200 miles on one hand. I...

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  • Logan Lang

    New tenor banjo player from Darboy, Wisconsin. Excited to learn a lot of tunes from this website!

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