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  • yarme

    Play Irish Flute and Whistle, as well as classical Flute. Organizer of Byrnes'-Brunswick Session on Tuesday nights.

  • Carrie Bancroft

    I'm from Maine, and have recently picked up the violin after a 30 year hiatus to learn fiddle (used to play classical). I'm having so much fun! I can't wait to be able to play sessions with others!

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  • David M Burke

    I have been playing the Chromatic C Accordion for 5 years now and playing the Free base classical Accordion for 3 years. I am A classical trained pianist. I live in Maine and my Accordion teacher is in France teaching me through Skype. I invested in a cl...

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  • Jody Johnstone

    From Belfast, Maine, whistle player

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  • Benj Williams

    Benj Williams: I started in the fiddle in college. I decided I wanted to play more than anything else. I wasn't particularly skilled as it was my first instrument. Many suffered. I prevailed. I have been playing for more than thirty years now. I sti...

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  • Donna Burt


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  • Abigailking


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