Members near Bend, Oregon

  • Michael Long

    I play uilleann pipes, whistles, concertina, mandolin and bouzouki in Bend, OR.

    joined 5 years ago
  • Bill Valenti

    I’m a singer/songwriter in Bend, Oregon. Play guitar, banjo, mandola, uke and piano, and just getting interested in wind instruments.

    joined 8 years ago
  • Sandra Peevers

    I’m from NY, now in OR. I’m a guitar player , music teacher and talent agent. Thanks so much for this incredible resource!

    joined 7 months ago
  • Wes Bernegger

    flute + whistles

    joined 11 years ago
  • John McLaine joined 8 years ago
  • Glen Churchfield joined 7 years ago
  • Warrensb

    Scottish Smallpipes. Highland pipes. Uilleann Pipes

    joined 3 weeks ago
  • TommyC

    Hello everyone. I’m from Oregon USA and I love the sound of the penny whistle and I am interested in learning but have not musical experience except the radio.

    joined 1 month ago
  • Michele Sims

    Formerly Batlady, I live in Oregon (the dry part), and play the flute and box. Fiddle can be deployed in case of emergency.

  • DarleneMcGrady

    I am a recently retired music teacher from a Southern California school district. The last decade I have been playing Irish trad music at sessions and ceilidhs. What a blast I’m having! Lots of nice people in the world of Irish trad….