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  • Nathaniel Adams

    Learning about traditional Irish musics.

    joined one year ago
  • Shirley Humphreys

    My husband and I started learning the fiddle at 69. We have been playing for 7 years now We are pretty much self taught. This last year we moved from our distend farm and now we live in town. So now we are having fiddle lesson from one of our local ...

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  • DebG

    Fiddle, Mandolin

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  • Kevin McCornack

    Howdy. I'm from Eugene, on the left coast of America. I play concertina (English), silver flute, harmonica and guitar at a weekly session. I used to play bassoon in an orchestra but got tired of the rock-star lifestyle. Nowadays I play a few public-se...

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  • mxmeeks
  • Michael A Tomcal

    Irish/Scottish Style Fiddler in Eugene, OR. Played classical for 12 years and celtic folk music for the past 4 years.

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  • Jacob Magers joined 5 years ago
  • phinsman

    I live in Eugene, OR and play fiddle, bodhrán and low D whistle.

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  • Brent H.

    I currently play guitar and sing in the Celtic band Faroe Rum ( We are semi-retired lads that play locally in the Eugene, OR area. I have played guitar since I was 4, and also played trumpet in high school and college.

    joined 2 years ago
  • elwood galapagos joined 3 years ago