Members near Bologna, Emilia-Romagna

  • Fosco18 joined 4 years ago
  • jacopo

    I play guitar and I've started to study DADGAD and Tin whistle from a couple of year. But now I fall in love with uillean pipes so I'm here

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  • Ivan Rossi

    I'm from Bologna, Italy.

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  • arpadoro

    Hi ! I'm a celtic harper from Bologna, Italy.

  • AlbertoC

    I'm from Italy. I play mostly violin, sometimes tinwhistle, sometimes guitar and rarely cajon.

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  • FiddleJack

    I'm Giacomo Sovrani, a 26yo italian violinist from Ferrara. I have started to approach traditional Irish music some years ago.

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  • Camel

    I'm from Modena, Italy

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  • Thomas Foschini

    I'm a fiddler, and a member of the italian community lovin' irish trad.

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  • Gio