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  • kittycoleraine

    flute and English (D/G) melodeon; long-term East Coast transplant to the lovely North Coast (MN, that is). Use this site often without contributing (for shame) but now changing my ways, if I can master ABC transcription.

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  • Kurt Larson

    Residing in Minneapolis I write original music, playing live music chiefly at prisons and homeless youth shelters. I'm primarily a singer and keyboardist, having recently picked up uilleann pipes and whistle.

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  • Ford Campbell

    I've been learning piano accordion for about 5 years, and I'm enjoying expanding my repertoire and skills.

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  • carastisse

    I'm a beginning fiddler located in Minnesota, USA

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  • Spencer Chandler

    Originally from SF, lived in NYC, currently splitting the difference and living in the Twin Cities. Discovered the joy and camaraderie of weekly Irish sessions at Keegan's (sadly recently closed) after moving to the Midwest a few years ago, but have been ...

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  • Tom Sather

    After playing folk then electric, blues, Grateful Dead phase I got married and the big note didn't make sense anymore and I was very well stocked up on playing in band...(4 girl benefits..). Played guitar for 40 years, started playing mandol...

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