Members near City of Saint John, New Brunswick / Nouveau-Brunswick

  • MorganD joined 3 years ago
  • Justin Kennedy

    I’m from the east coast of Canada: Saint John, New Brunswick, currently living in Paris. I play chromatic button accordion (Saltarelle Chaville). Dig the Trad music, along with Klezmer, Balkan, Jazz and Colombian music.

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  • Debbie Knox

    From Kings Co, New Brunswick - Canada. I played fiddle for ~ 10 yrs then gave it up due to a shoulder injury. Now, 9 years later, I have started playing again 🙂

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  • Inchwhistle

    Whistle player living in Saint John, New Brunswick Canada

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  • Anna Bates joined 2 years ago
  • John Lawrence

    I’m a fiddle player from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. I play mainly Irish tunes but also enjoy tunes from other traditions (Scottish, English, Scandinavian, French…). I’m very appreciative of a site and online community like this. Cheers!

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  • marmionclansman

    Northern Brit with a Northumbrian, Scottish, Irish and Scandinavian heritage. Mother instrument is Irish Tenor Banjo, though I occasionally transfer some slower tunes over to a GDAE tuned Mandola/Irish Bouzouki and less often to mandolin.

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  • Bev Hills

    Living in rural Nova Scotia, have been around live music a long time, play a bit of guitar and just learning mandolin… traditional music sings to my bones…

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  • Ted Leighton

    I live in Smiths Cove, Digby County, in southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada. I play Uilleann pipes and a few other things. I participate in 3-4 sessions each month in this area and perform in various ensembles/bands

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  • aoife

    Hopelessly addicted fiddle player and painter/printmaker living in Bear River, Nova Scotia, dividing my time between my studios in Elmira, Ontario, my Bear River studio and Ireland (usually gravitating towards southwestern Kerry, and East Clare),