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  • Nora Lee

    I live in Ottawa and have been playing the fiddle since November 2016, starting right after I retired. I played the cello for many years - classical music and pretty much always with sheet music. Now, I’m learning fiddle tunes in many styles by ear as w…

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  • Rab Alexander

    Musician/singer for many years, full-time professional for part of that. Mostly Hammond Organ, blues/rock/jazz. Other keyboards and guitar as well, plus I dabble with the pipes. Discovered the joy of the accordion a few years ago. Now have 15 of them. …

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  • Jaan Kolk

    From Ottawa, I play guitar and jam with fans of old-time fiddle tunes, Celtic tunes, etc., and have an interest in the history of tunes.

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  • Stephen McCarthy

    I am from Ottawa Ontario Canada. I have played the fiddle at sessions in the Ottawa area for the last 20 plus years. My tunes include Irish, Scottish and French Canadian with a few Cape Breton tunes as well. I play the mandolin and button accordion at the…

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    I am from Ottawa . I play the fiddle with a Cape Breton group here in Ottawa called the Cape Breton Session.

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  • John Mahan

    Hello all…

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  • ashtastic

    Hello! I’m from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I play Irish fiddle with the occasional Newfoundland tune. I’ve been playing fiddle off and on for nearly twenty years. I have a soft spot for Co. Clare style fiddling, but a kitchen party’s a kitchen party.

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