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  • Wee Nelson

    I'm from Ottawa, and my specialty is Cape Breton music but I like Irish and French Canadian as well. Play fiddle and guitar, and occasionally sing.

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  • Jigtime25

    I play the timber Flute and whistle and learning the highland pipes. I've had a decades long love affair with Irish and Scottish music

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    I am from Ottawa . I play the fiddle with a Cape Breton group here in Ottawa called the Cape Breton Session.

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  • John Mahan

    Hello all...

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  • aoife

    Hopelessly addicted fiddle player and painter/printmaker from Ontario, dividing my time between my studio in Elmira, Ontario, and Ireland (usually gravitating towards southwestern Kerry, and East Clare), the most inspiring places for painting AND music!...

  • redbeard
  • Terri Whittaker

    I'm a fairly new fiddle player, been playing a little over a year now. Also doing research for 18th and early 19th century music for my re-enacting events. I do have 49 years experience as a musician...trumpet.

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  • Cap't Jack

    Hi. Just new to the Session. Been playing violin for about 4yrs. Mostly Celtic but like Bluegrass and modern covers as well. Live in Ottawa Canada during summers and on my boat in The Caribbean for about seven months otherwise.

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  • Bobby-Mac


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