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  • Eva Norwood

    I was born in Philadelphia, PA, and started classical guitar at 12, played lots of folk with friends though high school. Sang in various ensembles.

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  • eddied

    Retired and live in Portland Oregon. Born and raised in the Valley of Virginia from long line of Scots-Irish folk. Great grandparents emigrated from Scotland. Have always had a love of the folk songs, ballads, dance tunes etc. of the culture.

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  • Tell Hunting

    Raw beginner on the flute and tin whistle.

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  • Marty Weldon

    I’m a dadgad backing guitarist with more years experience than my skills attest. Keeping at it because I must.

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  • Itai Mikael

    I’m a language teacher, living in Portland, Oregon. My family is from Co. Cork (Macroom & Coachford). I’ve also lived in France, Mexico, Jordan and Israel.

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