Members near Portland, Oregon

  • C Hamm

    I am a fiddle player/fiddle teacher in Vancouver, WA. I’ve been playing for 41 years. I also play guitar and mandolin. I have been teaching fiddle since I was 14, my first student was my mother.

    joined 10 years ago
  • noelvn

    Mostly tin whistle, but also some mandolin.

  • Rory O'Halloran

    Living in The Dalles, OR for past twenty-seven years. Grew up in Tigard. I play GHB, tin whistles, and I am trying to learn Uilleann pipes. I sing and play in a very fun band with some really great local friends.

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  • Christy Yenni joined 9 years ago
  • St joined 9 years ago
  • John Cushing

    Guitar, harmonica, tin whistle, piano.

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  • Siri Harding joined 8 years ago
  • Ryan Powell

    I’m a deep enjoyer of Irish trad music and play whistle, bouzouki, guitar, didgeridoo, and some other worldy instruments and flutes and such. Glad to be here!

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  • Jeremymgood

    Fiddler from Portland, OR, USA

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  • Tom Keegan

    Hi, I live near Portland, Oregon. I’ve played the guitar (acoustic steel string) for some time. Last year I went from fingerstyle to using a pick. Got into a bluegrass jam group but quit that when covid appeared.

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