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  • kylegrayyoung

    I'm a singer/songwriter from St. Cloud, MN. I also teach guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin, bass, & ukulele full time.

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  • duane ribron

    Well my name is Duane, I am from Elk River MN. I have played Guitar in the past, maybe 6-8 years past. I have always wanted to learn the fiddle, and finally ordered one from Amazon a couple days ago. I know nothing of playing the fiddle, but really want t...

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  • Greg Padden


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  • laura robideau

    I purchased a button box Hohner Erica 2 row in C. The bass button have a buzzing/vibrating sound when you play. If I can hear it now and I am just a beginner learning I bet it will drive me crazy later. Not sure if I should take it back. The sales p...

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  • Lila Ammons

    Professional jazz singer. Always interested in learning more from others about music and the business.

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  • Rick Penttila
  • Kurtis Fickle
  • Colleen Hendersot

    I live in Mora, Minnesota. I play piano, guitar, autoharp, harmonica, ukelele. Currently taking violin lessons. Also love to sing!

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  • Doug Glass

    Hello. I am from Minneapolis and I play mandolin, a bit, a little guitar, and I possess a tenor banjo that I have tuned as a mandolin. I also have a mountain dulcimer. The last two are rarely touched.

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  • BP

    Background and interests: Brought up in England, Ireland and Australia, I play folk with Celtic, Aussie, and British Isles material, and more recently become a song writer with folk and bluesy ballads.

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