Members near Portland, Oregon

  • MikeJV

    Instruments: Flute, English concertina, whistle, bodhran. Mostly play in the Pacific Northwest.

  • bertalinski

    I’m a fiddle player/teacher in Portland, OR. Happy to be a part of this great online community!

  • Maura Jess

    I live in Portland, OR and play acoustic guitar and ukulele. Grew up listening to Irish traditional which generated an appreciation for folk, bluegrass, and ballads, etc of all kinds.

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  • Pete Hay

    Trying to learn Irish Fiddle using Peter Cooper’s book, YouTube, and listening to early Kevin Burke. I guess I would consider myself an intermediate fiddler.

  • chaseonbass

    I live in Portland, OR and play the fiddle. I play with a local band here and we call ourselves “The Mossy Merkins”. Thanks for creating and contributing to this extremely valuable knowledge sharing website.

    joined 9 years ago
  • mothramothra


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  • Dermot M.

    ………..tryin to learn the b/c button accordion………….

  • Chuck McConnell

    Live in Portland, Oregon. Been playing fiddle a little more than a year. A regular at Portland’s Taborgrass group lesson/jam. Learning bluegrass but have ambitions to learn Nordic and Cape Breton styles.

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  • Chris Leech joined 10 years ago
  • FarmerJones

    Living in Portland, OR, I play tin whistles, mostly of the low variety, as well as trombone.

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