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  • Luc Roche
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  • minow

    I'm 38 and living in Auvergne (France).

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  • Nicolas Dumoulin

    Beginner on tin whistle/irish flute around Clermont-Ferrand (France)

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  • JMiB

    I was born in 1959, playing irish music using guitar, bouzouki, whistle, bodhran and playing french folk music using accordion G/C and chromatic.

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  • Davidmjackson

    Play guitar and some piano but main instrument is the voice. Currently learning accordion.

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  • Jarig Plantinga

    I’m Dutch, living in France. I do play French bagpipes, recorders and all sorts of directly mouth blown double-reed instruments. I started to play whistles some time ago and have ordered à set of scottish smallpipes. I’m mostly playing french traditi...

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  • Fred Lagarde


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