Members near Parthenay, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

  • ewen

    Je m’appele Ewen (eg. Yoenn), et j’habite à Parthenay, France.

  • stewartgreenwood

    It is good sunny afternoon here in the middle of France where I have lived since 2004 but I am English born and bread to musical parents in the north but lived most of my live in the south I am not very good at music and I am totally confused with the new…

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  • Jean-Lou

    hello ! I’m a dancer et i like listen irish music, i’m French !

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  • O'Bryan

    Instrument maker (now retired) and player living in western France.

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  • Gwenael KIVIJER

    I come from west of Brittany (Bretagne) in France and I play box, mouth organ, bodhran and I sing. I use to play on stage breton music and irish music and I teach also music and breton dances.

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  • olirish

    I play wooden flute and whistles in Poitiers (france) in weekly session and slow session I play in band An Currach Dubh.

  • Marc86


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  • copello49
  • Chambre Edith


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