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  • Rejean Cote


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  • Larry Marshall

    new (Mar 2011) to pennywhistle. Own a Freeman-tweaked Generation D and a Sweetone D. Making baby steps at this point. Update: Away for a long time. Just getting back to the whistle (Mar 2021).

  • BiankaD.

    I am not a musician, but a dancer, and a trad music lover.

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  • Pub Murphy's, Québec City


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  • Denis Maheux

    I am from Quebec city and I play fiddle

    joined 9 years ago
  • levisien

    I come from Levis city just in front of Quebec city (province of Quebec).

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  • erick theberge

    I am from quebec. Play on mandolin, guitar and a bit of accordion. I love play guitar with fiddlers or other trad musicians.

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