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  • Julian Störig

    I'm a young german who has a background in classical french horn and digital music production, aside from that i also play a little bit of chord guitar and a decent melodica. Recently (through being gifted a tin whistle) I have become interested in irish ...

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  • Michael Blankertz

    Hi all! I am Michael from Rosenheim region and I am playing mainly mandolin and guitar. Sometimes I also like sitting on cajon and doing some rhythm.

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  • Lyrian

    I am originally from Bavaria, now living in Berlin, Germany. I play the violin and recently bought a Low Whistle in Low D.

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  • Mike Hill

    I'm English but currently living in Germany. I have been playing the guitar for over 50 years and I also play harmonica and bodhrán. Music is a very big part of my life and my musical tastes are varied, but my main passion is British/Irish Folk Music.

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  • Stine

    I play

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  • Bernhard143

    Retired to Waging am See near the border to Austria.

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  • pfeiffermit3f

    Uilleann Piper

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