Members near Everett, Washington

  • Lyn Jackson


    joined 3 weeks ago
  • Lloyd Blakley

    I play the banjo and the fiddle

    joined 7 years ago
  • ElizabethBertun

    Live in Seattle, play the piano and guitar.

    joined 3 years ago
  • nanbutler

    I have been playing violin since 2013. I started at the age of 71.

    joined one year ago
  • Ryan Crabtree

    I'm currently living in Seattle, and at the encouragement of my amazing wife, I've taken up the Tin whistle, and as a novice, I look forward to learning as much as I can!

    joined 4 years ago
  • lostonharp

    Play Octave Mandolin and Autoharp

  • Devin Rice

    Hailing from Lake Stevens, WA. I play the mandolin (mandola and octave mandolin as well). I play in a Snohomish-based string band and additionally am working on building up my Irish tune repertoire.

    joined 4 years ago
  • Marcia Thumma

    I am fond of Scottish, Cape Breton, and Irish fiddling. I also play for Scottish country dancing and

    joined 4 years ago
  • mpatching joined 2 years ago
  • Kashmirr joined 6 years ago